my adventuring mini  me
In the Spring of 2006 a raft of motor and non-motor neuro symptoms arrived after a general anaesthetic and for nine years, until May 2015, I lived with and was medicated for a "likely Parkinson's Disease" diagnosis. The symptoms didn't resolve and as a consequence, I have become a virtual recluse, mostly housebound from these neuro issues as well as significant gastro motility problems.

Social media and racing on/helping to run Sailonline keeps my brain alert and it is also how I keep in touch with my chums and the "doings" of organisations I am interested in.

SO...when a group of SOLers (Sailonline sailors) decided to qualify for and race in the Fastnet Race in 2013, I thought it would be fun to be part of the action.... by including in the crew a wee stuffed parrot!  Thus it was that #RCtheParrot came to be.  You can see how well this succeeded if you click on links below!  

#RCtheParrot is a sort-of mini me, she has several presences now (each member of Jubilant's crew has one with its own design harness!) so pictures and adventures of #RCtheParrot keep "me" out and engaged in the wider world.  It is great fun!  Pics (and stories) will be added as they arrive.

#RCtheParrot is also a hashtag on Twitter and can be found associated with various good causes and charitable fundraising!  

#RCtheParrot's first Adventure
RC and her first flock for Jubilant's Crew
To France on yacht Seremban
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#RCtheParrot with Joe the Shark - Solar Impulse Nagoya-Hawaii 2015
Aloft yacht Seremban - summer 2015
#RCtheParrot's own yacht from Skipper Martin
Learning to sail on Silver Kelpie
Ready for the Newport to Bermuda Yacht Race 2015 with Sailing 806
#RCtheParrot on her way to SY Boysterous - Feb 2017
Fishing off yacht Seremban