RIP Mr K aka Karma aka Skiandu Knight Dragon – 2 October 1994-12 December 2011

 Mr K first came in to my life in February 1999 and from the moment I first met the eyes of this intelligent, smart, funny, quizzical, nosey little creature, something told me that we were going to have some marvellous adventures together and we surely did – from road trips to aviation parties, haunted hotels to airfield b&bs and just walking our ‘hood, the Nose of Beckenham and I had a whale of a time.

Over the years, K artlessly endeared himself to everyone he met – his charm and gentle courteousness in public belied the mischievous, stubborn and hugely independent personality that developed in him as we got to know each other.

K was the epitome of a Shiba Inu.

Much has been written of ryosei, kan-i and soboku and while events in his life before us had smothered these attributes, it wasn’t long before K’s true Shiba spirit emerged again. By turns funny, annoying, stubborn, cooperative, playful, aloof, K was the absolutely best buddy for me and I thank my friend, Niaya, for recommending the breed to me back in 1998. It is also due to Niaya and all her advice, born out of a lifetime of caring for dogs and other animals, that I wasn’t an even more fussy/protective “mom” for K!

I never married or had children and prior to K entering my life, I was very happy with how things were…or so I thought. It was only sharing my life with K and his chatter (mumbling, squawking and occasionally wolf-howling) that I finally came to realise the joy that can come from being responsible for another living soul… and boy, what a soul! Within weeks of arriving in Beckenham, K pretty much had me wrapped around his dewclaw. Naturally, being a smart Shiba, he let me think that t’was the other way round!

My life is now physically empty once more but the wealth of joyous memories of my years with K will never let me be lonely again. Enjoy the Happy Hunting Grounds my mad-weaselling bear-dog! Until we meet again.