Karma / Mr K
Skiandu Knight Dragon 
2 October 1994 - 12 December 2011
Skiandu Knight Dragon was known to most people as Karma, Kami or Mr K.  To me he was known by several other names, mostly secret ones, but "Wind In His Tail" and "The Nose of Beckenham" are two he would permit me to reveal to the outside world!

This page is a tribute to him but also to the Shiba Inu - the world's most magical dog.  Independent, aloof, smart, challenging, feisty and playful are just a few elements that make up this wonderful creature.

I had the good fortune to share my life with Mr K for many years and not a day goes by without my being reminded of (?by) him!!  As stories occur to me I will be adding them to my blog so I hope you enjoy reading about him as much as I will have enjoyed recalling the endless brilliant times he and I shared.

Introducing Karma
I was a black/tan Japanese Shiba Inu. Born in Aberystwyth, Wales, on 2 October 1994 I surprised everyone by being born while my litter-mom, Skiandu Lady Hawke, was in a Romany caravan stopped at traffic lights!! Even the police...
Inaridou - made with love - Shibas
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In Memoriam
Mr K first came in to my life in February 1999 and from the moment I first met the eyes of this intelligent, smart, funny, quizzical, nosey little creature, something told me that...
Karma's Diary - The Early Days