my adventuring mini  me
In the Spring of 2006 a raft of motor and non-motor neuro symptoms arrived after a general anaesthetic and for nine years, until May 2015, I lived with and was medicated for a "likely Parkinson's Disease" diagnosis. Coming off PD meds saw neuro symptoms continue and the arrival of bladder failure along with cardio/BP chaos and significant gastro motility problems (now diagnosed as widespread autonomic dysfunction with end-organ engagement) - consequently I have become a virtual recluse, mostly housebound, but clearly I remain optimistic that things may improve although recent surgery/chemo for breast cancer and separate vascular surgery has somewhat dampened that optimism for now!

For several years, from 2010 to 2021/2 I was very involved with the running of a brilliant e-sailing/virtual navigation website at Sailonline.org and during this time my energies were focused on the world of sailing and ocean-racing, so when a group of Sailonline sailors (see tab The Sea) decided to qualify for and race in the Fastnet Race in 2013, I thought it would be fun to be part of the action.... by including in the crew a wee stuffed parrot!  Thus it was that #RCtheParrot came to be.  You can see how well this succeeded if you click on links below!  

#RCtheParrot was a sort-of mini me, she has several presences now (each member of Jubilant's crew has one with its own design harness!) so for a time pictures and adventures of #RCtheParrot kept "me" out and engaged in the wider world.  The advent of #COVID19 and my own downturn in health have meant this has taken something of a back seat.

#RCtheParrot was also a hashtag on Twitter - associated with various good causes and charitable fundraising but is on a hiatus for now!  

#RCtheParrot's first Adventure
RC and her first flock for Jubilant's Crew
To France on yacht Seremban
With Joe the Shark - watching Solar Impulse Nagoya-Hawaii 2015
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Aloft yacht Seremban - summer 2015
#RCtheParrot's own yacht from Skipper Martin (yacht Jubilant)
In Tahiti on SY Boysterous 2017
Learning to sail on Silver Kelpie
Ready for the Newport to Bermuda Yacht Race 2015 with Sailing 806
Ready to go to SY Boysterous - Feb 2017
Fishing off yacht Seremban